• Operating System: Linux
  • Storage Space: 1.2GB SSD Storage + 4 Weekly Backup Storage
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Domains: Unlimited
  • Database: Unlimited
  • RAM: 512MB + 1.5GB ( Virtual Memory ) = Total Virtually 2GB
  • According to research, the storage used by a website which has more than 1000 pages is still below 50MB (Megabytes), which means that you are paying extra cost for unused storage. Therefore, we have cut down unnecessary cost on disk size in exchange for faster speed using better technology such as 100% solid-state drive (SSD) & more memory/RAM.

  • Besides that, we've cut down the disk size in order to reduce the price for you to compete with the market. But, according to research, the total disk size given is enough to host at least 25 medium type of websites ( website that more than 1000 pages ) or can host more than 1000 small type of websites.

  • If you need extra space, domain or with any question / feedback, please message us immediately at support@tinyhosty.com

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