Earn 30% Recurring Commission Per Sale Without Any Cost!

(Earn up to $45 USD recurring commission per sign up!)
Thank you for your interest to promote Tiny Web Hosting. We're confident that you'll be making lots of money by promoting our web hosting package because of these reasons:

Get Sales From Any Countries Around The World

Yes, you can sell our tiny web hosting to any places and countries around the world due to we have multiple servers in many countries. Which also means that, the target market is almost unlimited.
** Our server's region: New York(US) -- best seller , Singapore -- best seller , London(UK), Amsterdam(Netherlands) and Frankfurt(Germany)

It Converts Very Well + Unique Angle

Yes, we've tested the promotion and it's proven to convert due to our unique selling point. The good thing is, we'll continue to do our own in-house split testing to make it convert even better from time to time.

Recurring Commission + No Monthly Commitment

Yes, unlike our competitors, you are able to earn up to $45 USD recurring commission per sign up without any monthly commitment! Even you just make 1 sale per month, you still get the same rate!

We're Using WHMCS

WHMCS is the top billing & support system for web hosting. This will ensure the billing, support & affiliate is handled nicely.

Promotion Material

In order to save your workload and increase your conversion, we've prepared plenty of promotion material including banners, email, and etc. Basically, it's just a copy & paste job!

Free Education & Tricks

From time to time, we'll send you education & tricks that help you to get more traffic and sales!

We handle technical support & billing on behalf of you

Instead of handling troublesome web hosting technical support or billing system yourself, you can pass all these task to us and makes money from us! ( this is very useful for freelance web developer or web design company! )

How much I can earn?

Package Your Earning
( 30% Commission )
Triennially ( 3 Years )
( Price: $150.00 )
Earn recurring $45.00 USD every renewal
Biennially ( 2 Years )
( Price: $110.00 )
Earn recurring $33.00 USD every renewal
Annually ( 1 Year )
( Price: $60.00 )
Earn recurring $18.00 USD every renewal
We might not able to make you rich, but this can be a good extra passive income for you.

Please forgive that we're unable to provide more than that at the moment due to we've to cover for the transaction cost & part of hardware cost ( actually we are still losing money ), other than that, we've given out :)

We've done all the work on creating and invest on this extremely large system for you to promote. All you need to do is share it out and start to generate money for yourself :)

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