WARNING: DO NOT rely on "FREE" or "3rd Party" platforms for your online business like Facebook, eBay, Taobao, Blogspot & etc!

Say NO To Large Web Hosting & GET Tiny Web Hosting Today!

Why Choose Tiny Web Hosting?

  • Start your own website & online business at a lower cost!
  • 99.99% websites in this world don't need a large hosting ( including yours! ).
  • Faster Speed - we focused on technology that provides faster speed like 100% solid-state drive (SSD), more memory/RAM, multi-location servers & many more...
  • Multiple Free Bonuses Included - find out more at the end of this page
Host your "websitesss.." for only $5.00 / month & below!
(Yes, unlimited websites! )
It is quite creative and most likely policy of the company is they provide huge amount of Free Bonuses ( online marketing course, speed up your website eBook & etc ) to their customers. They also provides free tutorial to their customer to ensure their smooth web hosting experience.
Hello Kitty Malaysiamerchandise online store

Our Capabilities

We promise you a smooth and comfortable web hosting experience

Unlimited Domain, Bandwidth & Database

Our Tiny Web Hosting provides you the golden opportunity of unlimited domain hosting, bandwidth & database.

Multiple Regions

We have multiple servers in New York(US), London(UK), Amsterdam(Netherlands), Frankfurt(Germany) and Singapore. We offer flexibility to our customers to select regions which better serve your targeted users.

One-Click App Installer

Using our internal app installer, you can create website instantly without needing to worry on the technical aspects. One-Click App Installer includes Wordpress, Textpattern CMS, PHPBB, Simple Machines Forum & many more...

Faster Speed

We focused on technology that provides faster speed like 100% solid-state drive (SSD), more memory/RAM, multi-location servers & many more...

Free Online Course, Tutorial & Advice

We provide plenty of free advice and tutorials like building your own website or blog , make your website run faster, tutorial that help you to increase your visitors, as well as email with your own domain name!

Free Email Using Your Own Domain

Instead of using Gmail, YahooMail, AOL or Hotmail, now you can use your own domain name as as your own email for a better sense of ownership and professionalism. eg. myemail@yourdomainname.com instead of myemail@gmail.com

Professional and Friendly Customer Care

Our professional Customer Care expertise help you to overcome every difficulty in your way of a smooth web hosting.

99.9% Uptime

We understand that your website uptime is everything. Our technical team ensure the server is always up & running.

Transferring From Another Host?

Our professional migration team is ready to guide & assist you on how to migrate from your existing hosting to our hosting with NO extra charges.

How Our Clients Testify To Our Service

They provide excellent customer support and happy to see that they are always available for me. They endow with all kind of solutions that I have faced specially in my technical issues.
Steven Leberinternet marketer / consultant
Tiny Hosty company amused me with their unlimited bandwidth and free tutorial on make low power consuming site. It is pretty adorable for the mobile viewers and I got an extreme feedback from my consumers.
Maria Palmerblogger
TinyHosty.com provides high speed web server which is really fascinating. Besides that, it is quite unique that allow me to choose my server's region. Therefore, I can pick the nearest region to my target audience to achieve faster speed!
Katherine Rubinweb store owner
I'm glad that they've helped to save my monthly cost from maintaining a High Cost server due to I only need a tiny web hosting instead of a large web hosting.
Willie Kimfreelancer - web / graphic designer

Common Inquiries

Do Tiny Web Hosting suit for my website?

In short, Yes. Because 99.99% of websites in the world are perfectly able to utilize this suite unless you are owning a "giant" type of websites like Facebook, Twitter or Google. If you are not too sure, you may always contact our support team to confirm.

Can I choose my server region / location?

Yes! This is 1 of the most powerful feature that we have. As mentioned, we have multiple servers in New York(US), London(UK), Amsterdam(Netherlands), Frankfurt(Germany) and Singapore. After you make the order, our system will prompt and ask you to choose the region / location that you desired for your purchased server. ( you may pick up the one that stay closer to your targeted users )

How many free bonuses can I received?

It's UNLIMITED! Because we provide more and more bonuses from time to time to all of our customers. Bonuses include online course that teach you how to build your own website or blog, run faster website, increase your website visitors and many more!

Is there any charges to migrate / transfer from my old hosting?

Definitely NO! Our professional migration team will guide & assist you on how to migrate from your exisitng hosting to our hosting with NO extra charges.

Can I have email using my own domain name?

Yes, it's included! We will teach you how to use your own domain name and make your own email for FREE! eg. myemail@yourdomainname.com instead of myemail@gmail.com

How many domain & database can I use?

You can host UNLIMITED domain name and database ( as long as it's within the disk size given )

Why our server is faster and cheaper?

According to research, the storage used by a website which has more than 1000 pages is still below 50MB (Megabytes), which means that you are paying extra cost for unused storage. Therefore, we have cut down unnecessary cost on disk size in exchange for faster speed using better technology such as 100% solid-state drive (SSD) & more memory/RAM.

Besides that, with our multi-location datacenters, you may pick up the server's location that stay closer to your targeted users to reduce the delays as well. And this is all what a website really needs.

What is the disk size provided for Tiny Web Hosting package?

To avoid confusion, please ignore the disk size if you're not too sure how to calculate about it. For the specifications that we've designed in our package is more than enough for 99.99% of the websites in this world to use, else you must be doing in wrong way which will slow down your website ( we will teach you how to do in right way once you get a package from us ). The total disk size given for a Tiny Web Hosting package is 1.2GB SSD Storage + 4 Weekly Backup Storage per package, and basically it's enough to host at least 25 medium type of websites ( website that more than 1000 pages ) or can host more than 1000 small type of websites. Click here if you wish to know about the technical specs.

Can I build a website without technical skill?

Definitely YES! With our One-Click App Installer, you can build a website instantly without any technical skill. Basically, you just need to choose a platform you wish to use, and click run. Then, our system will build the website on behalf of you.

Are there any hidden costs, or setup fees?

Definitely No. We do aware that some of the hosting company only display for the first month "discounted" fee instead of real monthly fee, but our company is strongly against this and definitely have no hidden or extra fees associated with any of our hosting packages. Our billing system is crystal clear.

Do you provide any applications and operating system wise support?

Yes. Our qualified customer support center are more than willing to guide you throughout the implementation with all necessary application and tutorials to ensure a smooth experience.

Special Sign Up Free Bonuses

Yes, you will get all bonuses below for completely FREE if you grab our Tiny Web Hosting Package today.
( It's available LIMITED TIME only )

Traffic 2.0 (Value $47.00)

You will learn the most sophisticated traffic driving methods using the latest Web 2.0 technology. Only after you’ve read all that the book has to offer will you understand how to utilize every Web 2.0 website fully.

Even if you’ve already launched your website or product, it’s never too late to start your Web 2.0 campaign. With every passing day, you are losing customers to your competition who are using Web 2.0 traffic.

Wordpress Speed Tools Tutorial (Value $97.00)

WordPress is cool, but it’s a slow donkey when it comes to page load speed, especially if you use a lot of WordPress plugins. Google has made it pretty clear they give preference to sites that load up in viewers’ browsers fast, and the faster the better.

This 11-part video tutorial will help you get your WordPress blog / website / shopping cart loading fast and is one of the best videos set for accomplishing that goal.

Wordpress for Beginners (Value $47.00)

Any online business owner or marketer needs a website, and a huge percentage of people ( including us ) are choosing WordPress because it's easy to use and powerful. This tutorial will goes through all the WordPress basics.

The report is over 5,500 words and 43 pages long.
Tutorial included: How to Install WordPress, Introducing the WordPress , Admin Panel (the Dashboard), How to Create WordPress Posts & Pages, How to Install A WordPress Theme, How to Use WordPress Plugins, How to Use WordPress Widgets

Free Business Email Using ZohoMail Tutorial (Value $27.00)

Using a trustable third party email servers are more reliable, faster, which also better for syncing on your phone and computer, and generally have the best uptime.

Zoho Mail Suite provides enterprise Email Hosting features, which suits the requirements of different types and sizes of organizations. The entire process is simple, and you can get custom domain based email address for all the members of organization, with no down time.

And most importantly, i's FREE!

OutSource Tactics Unleashed (Value $47.00)

If you have a business, there are probably a number of day to day functions that could be outsourced to great advantage right this minute.

OutSource Tactics Unleashed unearths little known, time-tested techniques to effective outsourcing, allowing you to achieve more results, get more things accomplished, and have more time off!

Forum Submitter Pro (Value $67.00)

All you need to do is decide on your message, choose which forums and sections you wish to post it to and whether you want an instant notification of any replies by e-mail and then pushed the button. Forum Submitter Pro will take it from there.

Adding a new forum is simple, just give it a name enter the web address and Forum Submitter Pro will let you know if the forum at the target address is compatible, you can then save it for future use or include it in a current campaign.

Twitter Profit Blueprint (Value $47.00)

Complete Twitter Novice? In minutes you can be marketing like a pro using Twitter!

Shortcut Straight To The Twitter Techniques That Are ESSENTIAL To You As An Internet Marketer, And Leave Out All The Padding And Fluff!

Build Me A 50,000 List Fast (Value $47.00)

This is a step by step Blueprint for Building A Lucrative List, and Fast. You will discover exactly what works when building a list for profit, and the 26 Superpower Tactics that will ensure your success every time.

And the more you use of the 26 superpower tactics, the faster your list will grow and you’ll have a list of 50,000 before you know it.

Pay Per Click Marketing A-to-Z (Value $37.00)

Most comprehensive guide to PPC advertising and online business. What you say and how you say it can directly affect how much you will pay to deliver that message.

PPC Marketing A-to-Z will help you learn the inner workings on search engine marketing and low cost advertising.

Wordpress Transfer Tutorial (Value $37.00)

If you wish to transfer your existing Wordpress website / blog / shopping cart to us yourself, you definitely have to read this. This report (just under 2,000 words) will teach you how to transfer a WordPress website from one host to another.

The topics in the report: Signing Up For Web Hosting, Preparing Your Hosting Account, Transferring Your Files And Database, Logging Into WordPress And Making Sure Everything’s Running Smoothly.

30-Days, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Receive full- refund if you are not satisfied with us
If you are not satisfied with the service, we offer you the opportunity to cancel the subscription and receive a full refund.

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority and we are pretty confident that you will be amazed by our professional service.
We recommend you to give a try in our Tiny Web Hosting, if you think we cannot associate you with all your needs, surely you will receive a refund from us.

We're taking all the risks to make sure that you can enjoy everything happily. It's really as simple as that.

In Summary:

99.99% websites in this world don't need a large hosting and should use tiny web hosting, including yours. What websites really need today is to load faster and responsive ( helps compliance with Google for mobile friendliness ). Therefore, you should give a try to our well-designed tiny web hosting package today!
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